82nd Bashibazouks & Shadow Company / People RegimentsEdit


The PeopleRegiments or 82nd Bashibazouks & Shadow Company / PeopleRegiments is a regiment in Mount & Blade: Warband Napoleonic Wars. The regiment was 27th Regiment de la Vistule & 72nd BashiBazouks result of a merger of the Regiment, was established on February 2015 , management as a diplomatic "'green council or T.O.Y." and military aspects of the corps system is used ..The regiment as a Turkish regiment. remained temporarily under the auspices of the Turkish Coalition' Regiments and subsequently taken the decision to leave because of some reasons. Militarily 2 artillery battalion in a short time by General Shepherd was established and maintained in the most efficient manner. "Bashi Bazouks" as Light Infantry Regiment, the "Shadow Company" depending on the Line Infantry Regiment and as the Line Infantry, 2 Artillery Battalion, the company "Excalibur" and "Fire Eagle" in the name of the Turks referred to as the best artillery platoon and at the same time the Corps' from the independent Cavalry Regiment "is Emperror Guard Cavalries" is available consisting of an elite cavalry regiment under the professional name. And the team has made lately of the person managing the People Regiments Official other name PRO_Event a events on the agenda. And the Spanish brigade, the "Viejas Guardians Castellanas" We are in alliance forever!

-  82nd Regiment Pulk Piechota is polish still the search continues for 2 months to have the national media in combination in opening the envelope. Consolidation of the European area, and plans to build a corps of independent communities.


Current RegimentsEdit

  • Bashibazouks, a light & rifle ınfantry regiment units
  • Shadow Company, a professional line ınfantry regiment unit
  • Fire Eagle, a artillery platoon team 
  • Excalibur, a artillery and mortar platoon team unit
  • Emperror Guard , a cavalry regiment unit
  • Thunder Team - 6 men 4 reserve engineer team

Mission 1 : Old times Edit

Let's start with the past, General Shepherd and former regiments, 26th Regiment after the resignation of General Shepherd separation when the time comes direct 27eRegiment de la Vistula France led from the Regiment. Then a procession of strong and effective policies in place that aims to be the most professional and disciplined army adopted the concept. And established by the 26th Regiment friendly Officer Borabey resignation and recommend to the General Shepherd helped establish 72nd Bashibazouks Light Infantry Regiment and was the largest share. After a while, founded the "Turkish Coalition regiments" in the 27 & 72nd regiments were in the right and positive events as a positive alliance with Turkey against other clans, he has always taken steps friendship and polarization instead of being helped. After a while, he announced a new military rank and a new regiment called the new name with the 82nd Bashibazouks & Shadow Company. Then with the ongoing management of the Confederation for 7 months Lieutenant General Shepherd connections due to some problems with and Brigadier General Borabey passed slowly cooling step. And development stopped!

Mission 2 : Turkish Coalition Regiments Edit

When the process of the Turkish Coalition Regiments 27e and 72nd Regiments received other merger Turkish clans had already begun to take the decision to abstain against new power will occur. And the other members of the coalition blocs agreed to the 82nd Regiment were separated and a strong victory was already declared.

General Shepherd : We coalition's make up and be friends so we did, they did not think the food is tea and wafers.

Mission 3 : Prepare for War! Edit

Lieutenant General Shepherd page ant "Shadow Company" number, the "BashBazouks" There was not much superior to the company but has the potential to be adopted in any case the rule. Superior strength and capability in terms of professional efforts were not always appears to be an agile wall to the other regiments. General Borabey was disturbed by this situation and bring a better way hounded new reform movement. General Shepherd and advance the reform movement was an effort to keep closer to their plan. The plan was obvious, "more powerful and disciplined" a regiment of soldiers under aggressive and unions! Most recently appeared in the match competitor activity, and even the high-power paths to victory give the 82nd Regiment mercy oh was continuing with the festival. General Shepherd is loved by all the soldiers and was being welcomed, just a group of noncommissioned officers and officers appears to be the opposition by their help. And it was to care of them. Last victory was turned into defeat. NWL's war against the 23e is the first French regiment competitors entering the fray 82nd Regiment command line more anxious and had entered the so undisciplined environment for the first time in the loss. And it had resulted in the 10-0 defeat, the situation worse.

Mission 4 : Thaw Begins Edit

Everyone against everyone as a criminal case against General Shepherd was to see, but there was no crime and the loss of so much time the enemy was.Even opposition fans had already begun to assert itself. General Shepherd assistant officer resigned and thought back to the rank of captain to be punished with Lorassy aide Major events are broken, but this decision had been tested only as a test. Shepherd had learned of the incident. Colonel Doritos, Shadow Company divisions and bashibazouks began only recently to take part in active command. General Borabey and Bashibazouks Major Lorassy already in the squad against the opposition movement began with the decision verilmişti.ayrılık Colonel Hibirzullah. Ring for separation remained only side to collect, but the worst of silence before the storm.

Mission 5 : General Shepherd Over Silence Edit

82nd Regiment so quiet, everyone was performing duties other than the obviousopposition. General B orabey, was to try to convert disappointed love for the Shepherd. Resignations Colonel Hibirzullah and Major Lorassy , other 8 people fled after the resignation and exile of a double with a direct link had been severed. Bashi Bazouks company had gone almost half. But this was not the earthquake. Even better was to appear. it should work for renewal, General Shepherd said directly that he accepted the resignation of General Borabey.

Mission 6 : 40th Regiment Edit

Against the newly established 40th Regiment have maintained very different meaningful operations against the embargo and the silence made and there has been a cold war.. The fact that the cold war 82nd Regiment and 40th Regiment development was a shake-up operation, then somehow the opposition General Shepherd parts unravel, they turn become opponents. And because it has severed all ties with the 40th Regiment 40th Regiment was excessively weakly. And then it made peace!

Mission 7 : Regeneration and T.O.Y. System Edit

Now that is a single system, the Vistula was a return to the old style system, new officers and noncommissioned officers were directly elected, and the Turkish Armed Forces was decided to transform the rank system. T.O.Y. a candidate chosen by parliament as a system administrator, even direct military General Shepherd High Disciplinary Board had the jurisdiction to collect. This person T.O.Y Bey.! System 1 for 3 weeks and selected events only 2 times during the month within which these elections, clan and most of the related transactions were carried out and decisions are taken. This system, in a fair and solidarity, loved by all non-party members and everyone was tolerated. A traditional Turkish pieces.

Mission 8 : Time is passing Edit

This activity, which in the event rate continue unabated.Issues 0, Problem 0, Discipline %25 minimalized.

Good Work!


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