82nd Bashibazouks & Shadow Company / People RegimentsEdit


The PeopleRegiments or 82nd Bashibazouks & Shadow Company / PeopleRegiments is a regiment in Mount & Blade: Warband Napoleonic Wars. The regiment was 27th Regiment de la Vistule & 72nd BashiBazouks result of a merger of the Regiment, was established on February 2015 , management as a diplomatic "'green council or T.O.Y." and military aspects of the corps system is used ..The regiment as a Turkish regiment. remained temporarily under the auspices of the Turkish Coalition' Regiments and subsequently taken the decision to leave because of some reasons. Militarily 2 artillery battalion in a short time by General Shepherd was established and maintained in the most efficient manner. "Bashi Bazouks" as Light Infantry Regiment, the "Shadow Company" depending on the Line Infantry Regiment and as the Line Infantry, 2 Artillery Battalion, the company "Excalibur" and "Fire Eagle" in the name of the Turks referred to as the best artillery platoon and at the same time the Corps' from the independent Cavalry Regiment "is Emperror Guard Cavalries" is available consisting of an elite cavalry regiment under the professional name. And the team has made lately of the person managing the People Regiments Official other name PRO_Event a events on the agenda. And the Spanish brigade, the "Viejas Guardians Castellanas" We are in alliance forever!

-  82nd Regiment Pulk Piechota is polish still the search continues for 2 months to have the national media in combination in opening the envelope. Consolidation of the European area, and plans to build a corps of independent communities.


Current RegimentsEdit

  • Bashibazouks, a light & rifle ınfantry regiment units
  • Shadow Company, a professional line ınfantry regiment unit
  • Fire Eagle, a artillery platoon team 
  • Excalibur, a artillery and mortar platoon team unit
  • Emperror Guard , a cavalry regiment unit
  • Thunder Team - 6 men 4 reserve engineer team

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